Enoteca – Solid Flavors in Winnipeg

Enoteca is a fantastic restaurant located in Winnipeg. The chef incorporates Asian flavors and themes into the dishes very well. A lot of times, chefs will incorporate Asian flavors into dishes because its trendy, but the execution is poor. This is not the case here. Here is a look at the menu the evening we went (there were also a couple other specials on the board).

We started with puffs filled with cheese (don’t remember what kind) and served with truffle butter. They were absolutely delicious and set the tone for the rest of the meal. The puffs were a perfect pillow texture and all the flavors were intense.

Next, probably the best beef tartare I have ever had (previously, my benchmark was the beef tartare at Bazaar Meat in Vegas). The Iberico XO was not only creative, but added an amazing depth of umami to the dish.

This was followed by the beets.

..and then the Dill Cured trout.

If I had any complaint, it would be that I wished the order of the dishes was served in a more traditional manner. With the beets first, then the fish and lastly, the meat. The meat was so good, and as a heavier dish, the beets had no chance! Anyway, the food was excellent, the service was good, and I would definitely return. I would rate this in the Top 10 of restaurants I have been to in Canada.

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