Tokyo Katsu-sand – Heaven Between Bread

Tokyo Katsu-sand is a food truck located at Granville and Georgia in downtown Vancouver.

They specialize in Japanese Katsu sandwiches. Katsu comes from the Japanese word for cutlet. I tried the Gyu-Katsu (beef) and chicken:

They also have various others like pork, shrimp and pumpkin (for Halloween). The sandwiches were SO delicious. The beef was super tender, cooked perfectly medium rare, and the mustard sauce they add perfectly compliments each bite. The white bread is the perfect match. The chicken is moist, has that same great mustard sauce, and also some cabbage. Between the two I like the beef one more. Some others with me preferred the chicken. Either way, you won’t go wrong.

After finishing this meal I knew I would come at least once a week, and so far, I have! I highly recommend this place.

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