Chuck’s Steakhouse – Disappointed Again

Another steakhouse in Banff which received great reviews, and I was really looking forward to was Chuck’s. For the second time in AB, it did not live up to my expectations.

The first dish was an onion soup with bone marrow. After having this combo in Quebec recently, and loving it, I was excited to see if on yet another menu. Unfortunately, it was not as good. The bone marrow was extremely small (see the one in QC), and the soup lacked depth of flavor. The onion broth was not well developed.

As for the steak, we had the Brant Lake Wagyu. It was ok, but not great.

The biggest disappointment was the side. Corn creme brulee. Sounds amazing, but lacked flavor and seasoning.

For dessert, an unremarkable chocolate cremeux.

Between this and 1888, I would pick 1888. I would not go back to Chuck’s. Service at Chuck’s was unauthentic and the dishes were not great. I discussed with a local Albertan who mentioned that Banff is a resort town so “they don’t have to try so hard”. Maybe. Probably?

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