April 4, 2020 – Corona Virus Daily Changes

Today I am also going to report the change in daily cases as opposed to just the change in total cases.  When I ran the change in daily cases against stock market returns, I did find higher correlations for most time periods especially against world data.

In Canada, April 4 was positive as the growth of total cases of 11.1% was below all averages, and we had a drop in the number of new cases versus yesterday:

canada 4 4 2020

In the USA, the was a decreased in the growth of total cases and a slight increase in new cases versus the previous day.

4 4 20 usa

Overall globally, the growth in new cases remained below all averages, but the change in daily cases increased.

4 4 20 world

Note that these figures will be affected by various factors such as the differences in testing, and we need to see several days of data moving in the same direction to establish a trend.  Stay Safe.

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