Anna Lena – 5 Year Anniversary Dinner

One of the best restaurants in Vancouver turned 5 last week, and here was the amazing dinner they put on.  Anna Lena is creative and their attention to detail is superb.  Definitely world class.  Each course was prepared by a former chef.  The menu:


The first course was a crab salad in a wooden bowl made by the chef.  Very delicious; portion a bit big.


Duck “pie” with Sauternes oranges.  Here is an example of creativity without being gimmicky.  The duck pie, served tableside by the current chef, was very well executed, and oranges were a Sauternes jello in a real orange peel.  Classic pairing with the foie and Sauternes, in a fun way.



This was followed by tuna and mussels


Next, my favorite dish on the night.  Sablefish with a beurre blanc sauce with caviar.  Classic French sauces are classic for a reason.  The acidity, fat etc paired so well with the fish.


The last course was the lamb.


For dessert, my least favorite dish of the night.  I thought that the cake lacked refinement.  It wasn’t horrible, but it did not match the sophistication of the other dishes.


Some petite fours to end.


As I write this, Anna Lena, like so many restaurants around the world have closed due to the Corona Virus.  Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.  Support the industry and stay safe!

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