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Scott’s – If I Did Not Just Go to Carbone…

Scott’s is a highly rated restaurant in London known for seafood.  Their bar has a massive ice bucket displaying fresh seafood.  The atmosphere is very nice and refined.

Service was pretty good for the most part.

We started with the smoked eel which was good.


For my main, I had the 16oz dover sole. It was presented tableside and then served.



If I did not just have the dover sole at Carbone in Las Vegas recently, this would of easily been an excellent dish.  However, as I had the exact same dish just a couple weeks before, I can say that the dish at Carbone was a much better version in every way.

This one lacked acidity and I had to ask for lemons.  The fish itself while good, was not as tasty or well textured as the one at Carbone.  If the Carbone version were a 10, this would be a 7.  Moving on to dessert, we had the pavlova.


Overall, I  don’t know if I would return here.  On its own, the food is pretty good and the atmosphere is great.  I think the Dover sole at Carbone just ruined all future Dover soles for me.

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