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Cafe Prunier – French Caviar Heaven

Prunier specializes in French caviar.  They have two locations in Paris.  The one I visited is the Madeleine location.  Here was the menu:


The lunch started with a foie gras amuse:


The restaurant has some unique combinations of caviar.  We wanted to try the mortadelle and caviar baguette but it was not available.  Instead we tried the burrata version.  The combination was interesting, and the veggies were very crisp.

20200221_050310 Next we had an 80g tin, which I must say was priced well compared to other caviar from other countries.  The restaurant served this with baguettes and French butter, in addition to the standard accoutrements.  My favorite was on the baguette with some French butter which is my favorite butter in the world.  The combination was heavenly.




Next we had the tuna cone and caviar.  The restaurant was nice enough to add a fourth one so we could have two each.  This was just ok.  I think the tuna could of been fresher and/or of higher quality.


Next was another heavenly dish.  Mashed potatoes and caviar.  The combination is simple but perfect.


The last was the balik which is basically smoked salmon.  By this point we were full so we did not enjoy this as much.  Some of the cuts were better than others.  Next time, I will stick to the caviar only!


Overall, the service was very good and the dining room, though empty, was nice.


I would definitely return for caviar and try some of the other unique caviar pairings.  I think the price, relative to other caviar is very good.  9/10.  As another plus, after your meal, you can go see the Madeleine church across the street which is beautiful:


…and when you leave, you will get this gorgeous view also:



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