Restaurant Pantagruel – New and On Track For a Star

Restaurant Pantagruel is a new restaurant located in Paris, France.  In my opinion, they are on track to get a Michelin Star.

Here was the menu the night I went for dinner:


We decided to order a la carte.  I started with the uni (sea urchin), then the duck, and the rice pudding for dessert.

The meal started with an amuse.  The stuffed leeks were delicious.



The uni was good and had a strong taste of the sea, almost too strong.  Although I like the ocean taste, I also like my uni a bit buttery and sweet.  This dish was primarily ocean taste.  If you are a fan of uni, the presentation will also excite you.


My main dish was where the restaurant really shined.  This duck “en croute” was ABSOLUTELY delicious.  If I had one wish, I wish it was served with more jus.  The combination of the duck, foie gras, and pasty crust was pure food joy. What I also liked about this place was the accompaniments were not served all on one dish, but as individual dishes themselves.


The roasted onion and anchovy cream and salad with onion:



As a palate cleanser, some ice cream:


…and the dessert, continued the theme of serving three ways, each could be its own dish.  The first picture below demonstrates how they serve all three at once, then close ups of each dish.





I loved this dinner.  The main course was one of the best things I have eaten so far this year.  The way they present a dish three ways was a nice surprise.  The service was excellent.  A bit slow, but not in a bad way.  I would happily return and hope they don’t get rid of that duck, but would love to try other dishes too.  I believe they will receive a Michelin star in the future. 9/10

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