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Nobu Lanai – Also MUCH better this time

Just like One Forty, Nobu is in the Four Seasons in Lanai.  Just like with One Forty, our first experience here had been subpar.  You can get an intro about it by reading my review on One Forty.   As it relates to our last experience at Nobu, we were reminded 3x that it was last call – once upon arrival by the hostess, another after being seated, and then again by the server.  Then there were other details lacking like not using fresh wasabi.  OK, I get it, we were on a remote island, but at the same time, they are charging a huge premium.

This time around, were told that the chef had prepared omakase for us.  Here’s how the meal went.  It started with hirame.  The only fault of this dish was the garlic.  It was probably not needed and overpowered the amazing fish.  Without it, this dish would of been very good.


Next was kanpachi.


Local tuna.  I thought that this was a good use of parmigiano.  Where as the garlic in the first course overpowered, the use of parm in this dish worked well.


Next came various nigiri.












Overall, the service was much better this time.  We had a great conversation with the sushi bar staff.  One is from Vietnam, one is from China, and they are overseen by a Japanese chef.  The sushi is still not comparable to other omakase meals I have had elsewhere but its good for what it is.  I think the rice needs work.  Seasoning could be better.  However, as mentioned in an earlier post, on Lanai, you will not have too many options.

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