One Forty Lanai – MUCH Better this time

The last time we ate at One Forty in the Four Seasons Lanai, the steak was overcooked, dry and flavorless.  We ordered medium rare, and they gave us medium well.

Recently, we returned, partly because they invited us back for 2 complimentary nights to make up for last time’s experience.

One thing you should know about Lanai, and staying at the Four Seasons, is that your choices for dining will be limited.  The town is about 25 minutes by car, but you will have to coordinate a ride into town with the hotel (and pick up) or rent a car.  There is no taxi or Uber.  Also, the town is small and options are limited there as well.   You are there primarily for the beach, activities, and relaxation.  The options at the hotel sound like they have potential, a steakhouse, and a Nobu, which I will post about separately.

The resort manager mentioned to me they were getting a new chef from Italy to oversee the culinary program.  This time around, he seemed to be making a huge impact already, because the food was MUCH better.

We started with the venison carpaccio.  Venison, is a popular meat on the island, and it roams freely.  A lot of people hunt it.  The carpaccio was delicious.  It was smoked and revealed tableside.  A lot of places will do this for the sake of theatrics, but in this case, the smoke did impart a very nice flavor.  It was a good use of the technique.



For my main I had the Lanai venison.  This time, they cooked the meat perfectly medium rare.  It was also very delicious.  Good seasoning, tender meat, and balance from the gooseberries.


My wife had the pappardelle with venison ragu.  I had some as well and it was also delicious.  I do not recall if the pasta was cooked properly but the dish tasted good.


We ordered some grilled asparagus on the side.


…and a dessert which was well presented:


…the restaurant gave some petite fours to end the meal.


Overall, the service was good, and the dining room itself is beautiful.  It is open air and overlooking the pool and gardens, facing the ocean.  I think this time around, the restaurant has transformed from a “have to eat there because of the location” to a “want to eat there”.  The prices are high, which is to be expected given you are on a remote island and at the Four Seasons.  8/10

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