Four Seasons Lanai – Review of Activities

On a recent trip to Oahu, we decided to see another Hawaiian island last minute.  Since we have already been to Kaui, the Big Island, and Maui, we chose Lanai.  We stayed at the Four Seasons.  I will review our stay there, and the food in a separate post, including the incredible experience on Lanai Air.

In this post however, I will answer the questions, what is there to do on Lanai?

Beach – Probably the most famous beach is Hulopoe.  It is conveniently located just steps from the Four Seasons.


The beach itself is beautiful though not the best in the world.  For guests staying at the Four Seasons, there are attendants at the beach who will provide chairs, umbrellas, towels, and various other amenities.  Other than setting up the chairs, I did not find the attendants particularly helpful.  No one came around to see if we wanted to order anything or explain the amenities available (water, lotion etc).  The beach is still worth going to because you are in Hawaii after all.  You should note that all beaches in Hawaii are public and you cannot bring alcohol to the beach from the hotel.

Horseback Riding –  Close to the town are stables where you can take a guided tour through the countryside.  Our guide was very friendly and helpful.  I do wish that we were able to go faster and that she talked more about the island.


It is a beautiful, leisurely ride that last about 90-120 minutes.  You will see some gorgeous views.


After, you will be able to see and pet some of the ranch animals.  We loved these miniature horses.


Skeet Shooting – Next up we went skeet shooting.  The guide will take you through a bunch of different stations and give you feedback after each shot.  Ours was very friendly, and it was a great time.  Each station replicates a different flight of bird, and even rabbit which we were told is rare as the machine used for this is not common.



Hike – There are various hikes you can do, but we chose the one close to the hotel which takes you to “Sweetheart Rock”.  Its a very easy hike.  First, you will come across some beautiful tide pools.


…and then be able to look back at the resort and Hulopoe beach.


…and finally, see the rock…


Offroad – This was my favorite activity though I would not recommend it for those who have injuries as the vehicles can go pretty fast (though you can request the driver to slowdown; I believe the top speed is 55 MPH), and there are lots of bumps and turns.


The venue provides you with a helmet, goggles, coveralls, and shoe covers (you will get dusty if you don’t put the last two on).  They also supply a driver.  Ours was fantastic.  Not only was she an amazing driver, but she would stop frequently to explain points of interest or history, and at viewpoints.


Being out in the wilderness of Lanai, with the beautiful views as these vehicles whip you around in a thrilling adventure was well worth it.

Lanai City – On our last day, we had some time before our flight back to Oahu so we walked around Lanai City.  The city is very small and you can walk and see everything in the center in about 90 minutes.  There are only 3,000 residents.  There are some small shops, art galleries, and grocery stores.  There is also a cultural center/museum.

On of the more interesting things I saw was the university which was the size of a house.  There were some pictures on the outside and if I am not mistaken, one grad class only had 2 people!


Relaxing – Of course one of the best things to do anywhere in Hawaii is just relax.  Whether its at the beach, pool or an incredible terrace like we had in the room!


What I loved about the activities was that they were arranged through the hotel, and the pick up and drop off times were well coordinated in luxury vehicles.  There was never any waiting.  The activities were probably the highlight of the trip.  Many details were well thought out from moist towels (real towels not paper) provided after activities to snacks.

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