Lanai Air – Private Flight (almost) Review

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If you are going to visit the Hawaiian Island of Lanai, there are a couple of ways to get there:

  1. Ferry from Maui
  2. Commercial Flight from Honolulu
  3. Lanai Air

This is my review of the experience on Lanai Air.  Lanai Air is basically a charter/private plane service from Honolulu to Lanai.

If you are staying at the Four Seasons, you should book your hotel first, and then give the booking number to the agent at Lanai air.  They will then coordinate all transfers.

Here is everything they took care of, and some of the benefits:

  1. Since this was an impulse trip, I was able to coordinate everything in a short period of time.  Basically, I booked the hotel and flight at 7AM and was in the air by noon the same day!
  2. We drove to their location in Honolulu and they arranged for Hertz to pick up our car.
  3. Check in consisted of giving our names and then being driven to their waiting lounge.
  4. There is no bag check or TSA.  When its time to go, you are driven to the plane or you can walk (it was about 30 yards from the lounge).
  5. Our flight to Lanai only had one other couple on board.  From what I could tell, the plane could hold 6 six passengers (and two pilots).
  6. You are given a 1 minute safety briefing and then the plane departs.

Upon arrival in Lanai, there was a Tesla waiting to take us to the hotel.


Here is a view of the cockpit, cabin and seats.  The flight is only 20 minutes.


The flight back to Honolulu was even better.  Our original departure time was 6PM, but check out was noon.  Since we already did everything on the island, we wanted to leave sooner.  No problem.  I called Lanai Air and they scheduled us to leave at 4PM instead.  They arranged all logistics of pick up and drop off with the hotel.  They even coordinated with the hotel to have a driver drop us in town so we could walk around a bit, pick us up, and drive us to the airport.

Once we arrived at the Lanai airport, our bags were brought to the plane, we were given a 1 minute safety briefing, and the plane departed.

Upon arrival in Honolulu, they had a car take us to the terminal when it was time for our connecting flight home (our connecting flight was not for 7-8 hours so we spent time at the mall).

The best part is that on the return, we were the only ones on the plane.

If you are considering visiting Lanai, I would definitely recommend Lanai air.  It was $250 a person each way.  You will travel in style, save time, and everything will be taken care of for you.

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