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The Greatest Dinner With A View Ever (…and breakfast)

Villa Fiorentino is a family run, very boutique hotel in Positano, Italy.  I would highly recommend this place if you are going to be staying in Positano.

First, the family still runs the place and the service is very warm and personal.  The rooms, and bathrooms, are very clean.  It feels more like an apartment than a hotel, because I believe it is a home that was converted into a hotel.  The AC works very well.  The whole place has, and is decorated in, old Italian Charm.

I booked the Sogno D’Amore, 2 bedroom apartment.  It had 2 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, and long hallway.  You can even do your laundry if you want.  The view from the terrace is spectacular.


The private terrace can be accessed through the living room or the master bedroom.   Here is a shot from the master:


On the first night, I asked the hotel to prepare dinner for us on the terrace.  Here is how they set it up:


You cannot get any better dinner with a view than that!  They let you choose from an extensive four course menu with sides.  Everything is prepared on the premises, and brought to your room by two staff.  For my started, I had mixed fresh seafood:


…and then spaghetti alle vongole:


…and for main, giant grilled prawns and a side of potato croquettes:


The portions were so big, I could not finish.  The food was above average; apparently one of the daughters is a famous chef in Italy.  Certain things were off, but with the service and view, it was not a big deal.  The pasta was a little overcooked, and my son’s steak was way overcooked.  I find that in Europe, “medium rare” does not translate well or is not understood.  I think if you tell them anything other than rare, they think you will complain and they err on the side of more cooked than less.  Anyway, here is the evening view.


Anyway, breakfast is included, and again, you select from an extensive menu of choices.  They come in the morning when you indicate, and set it up.


Another highlight of this place is the pools.  On the top, there is an amazing infinity pool with the same gorgeous view as the room we were in.


…and below that, a hot tub with the same view:


Throughout your stay, the family that owns the place will give you various gifts such as paintings by various family members.  Very nice touch.  You should know that there are a lot of stairs as expected in Positano.  The staff take care of all your bags though.  I would highly recommend this place.


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