The Pig and The Lady – Still Addictive

Pig and The Lady is a Vietnamese restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii.  It is a modern take on Vietnamese food.  Normally, modern takes on Asian food is disappointing, especially street food.  However, the first time I ate at this place 4 years ago, I was blown away and remember thinking to myself “they must be putting crack in their food because its very addictive”.  I recently returned, and the food is still addictive as ever, but not every dish was a home run this time.

Here is the menu:


We started off with Dad’s toast.  It was mind-blowingly delicious.  Sardines braised in Portuguese sausage and tomato sauce.  SO GOOD!


Then the Red Wine beef pho.  Great broth.


..and finally, the scallop and clam curry.  I was not a fan of this.  The sauce was gritty and lacked depth of flavor.  I would not order this again.  Last time I went, I had the fried chicken, some sort of bahn mi dip, pho and oysters and it was all delicious.

Service was good.  Cocktails are good.  I would return.  8.5/10

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