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Devil’s Isle – This Place Will Make You Curious

Do some research on places to eat in Bermuda, and this place will pop up on every list.  Looking at the menu made me very curious.  The menu is completely random.  They have everything from local fish sandwiches to Mexican bowls to pasta, and then ramen!

I really wanted to try the ramen, but did not want to be disappointed so in the end, I opted not to.

Anyway, the place is also known for great coffee so I started off with a nitro Negroni which is made with their own nitro coffee.  It was outstanding.


For my main, I had the short ribs with espresso sauce.  The ribs were cooked well, which is to say they were fall off the bone tender, and the sauce was good.


My wife had local spiny lobster (which were in season, but unfortunately, this was the only place we could find them).  The lobster had a very nice grilled flavor and was also cooked well.


For dessert, I believe we had the rum cake, but I do not remember exactly and cannot find the dessert menu online.  I do remember it being just ok.


Overall, the service was good.  I still do not get the menu, but they do cook well.  As with everywhere in Bermuda, it was VERY expensive for the type of food.  The ribs were $30.  Everywhere in Bermuda also adds 17% auto grat and they offer you the ability to add an additional amount on top of that through a separate device which almost makes it feel awkward if you do not (which is OK because I usually do 20% anyway, but you should be aware of this so you do not double tip).  The food is not what I would call mind blowing or cutting edge, but it is good.  The atmosphere is great.  Its kind of a cross between a rustic gastro pub and coffee house.  8/10


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