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Marcus – Bermuda’s First “Celebrity Chef” Restaurant

I have always wanted to try Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster in NYC.  There are just so many choices in that city that I never got around to it.  Fortunately, he has a restaurant in Bermuda, and in the hotel we were staying, the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

The restaurant which bears his name is widely promoted as Bermuda’s first “celebrity chef restaurant”.  The interior is nice and modern with great views of the water.

There is also a nice bar area, and on the night we had dinner, they had live music playing.  After dinner, we sat at the bar, and enjoyed more drinks and the live music.  It was a great way to spend the evening.

Now for the food.

We started with “Off the Dock Sashimi” with the fresh fish of the day being tuna.  It was served with some taro crisps and yuzu sauce.  The dish was ok.


Next, some fresh oysters with champagne.  No complaints about this dish either.


The next dish shows how the chef tries to bring a creative twist to local Bermudian dishes.  These were fish chowder bites (fish chowder is a national dish of Bermuda) with Gosling’s run aioli.  Not mind blowing, but ok.


Now for probably my favorite dish of the night, the jalapeno cornbread.  My only complaint is the cost.  The small slice below is $16.  As I have written before, Bermuda is very expensive dining wise.  I usually do not review prices in my blog posts, but Bermuda prices are probably some of the highest I have seen of anywhere in the world.


For our main, we had the yard bird.  This was the dish I was probably most excited to try, as it is a dish the chef is known for. Its basically a fried chicken.  The dish was underwhelming.


The service was excellent.  They even brought a cake for our anniversary.  It was a cheesecake and this was very delicious.


Overall, the atmosphere, and service were the highlights of this meal.  The food was ok, very expensive, and not mind blowing.  I would probably come back and have drinks at the bar and enjoy the music. 7.5/10

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