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La Davoli – Started Very Strong but…

Le Davoli was my first dinner in Bordeaux.  Here was the menu:


The price was very reasonable for the quality of food.  The meal started with some amuse bouche.  They were all outstanding.



The lobster:


The fish was excellent.  I remember being wowed by this dish:


Everything up to this point was fantastic.  Solid flavors and cooking.  Until…..the duck.  I found the duck to be overcooked slightly, tough and lacking flavor.  Its too bad because the meal was going so perfect until this point.


The desserts and petit fours:




Service was very good.  The dining room was a bit warmer than I like, but I find that in Europe, the average temperature of a dining room (and almost everywhere for that matter) will be higher than in North America or Asia.  Europeans are fine without A/C or have it on very low.  Even at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in London, I remember complaining about the room temp and they told me they would “open some windows”.

The food was excellent except for the last savory dish.  8/10