Alobar – For $85 You Don’t Know Where the Beef is From???

Alobar is a sister restaurant of the famed Alo in Toronto, widely regarded as Canada’s best, and most difficult to get a reservation at, restaurant.

We started off with a chilled lobster topped with lime aioli and a salad.



This was followed by an off the menu special – grilled kusshi oysters.  I usually like my oysters as plain as possible, but I must say that the slight grilling did complement and enhance the taste, and I enjoyed this dish.  20190426_181933.jpg

Next was a king salmon sashimi.


…and three mains:  grilled cornish hen (delicious), octopus, and 24oz USDA Ribeye (also delicious, but see below).




Overall, service was good, but almost too good because it seemed like every 5 minutes, every other server would come and ask if anyone needed a drink!  The one flaw in the evening was when I asked the server who brought our steak where the meat was from, and he did not know.  If we were in a casual place it could be forgiven, and I probably would not even ask, as the products probably come from a large distributor; BUT when you are charging $85 for a steak, and are associated with one of the best restaurants in Canada, you should know, and take pride in, where the food is sourced!  People at our table who work in the industry mentioned how at their establishments, everyone is briefed on the dishes before service starts and they have to know everything about everything that goes on a plate.  Someone did come by later and told us the beef was USDA from Nebraska.

Would I return?  Probably.  The atmosphere is great for cocktails, and gatherings.  The food was pretty good.   The staff need better briefings.  7.5/10

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