Single Thread – Very Interesting Meal

Single Thread is a three Michelin Star restaurant (#91 on the World’s “50” best) located in Healdsburg, California, about 1-1.5 hours drive from San Francisco, in Sonoma.

What interested me about this meal, was the it was inspired by Japanese Kaiseki dining.  I found the flavors to be simple, clean and fresh.  The presentation was beautiful.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted by an open view of the kitchen, and served some tea.


Upon being seated, you will see that food has already been beautifully arranged at your table!   It consisted of various Amuse Bouches, and was a very nice start to the meal.  There were scallops, uni, sashimi and various other bites.  The first round of dishes is entitled “North Coast Tide Pool”.  The entire meal was called “Early Spring in Sonoma”.




The first dish was Santa Barbara Abalone with Hakkurei Turnip, White Sturgeon Caviar, and Dulse (seaweed).


The next course was a house made tofu.  This was accompanied by white and green asparagus, udo, sansho, and pine nut.



Followed by Globe Artichoke with guinea hen sabayon, black trumpet mushrooms, and shiso.


For fish, black cod with tama miso, yuba, vegetables from the restaurant’s farm, and Mandarin Kosho.


For the meat course, Miyazaki Wagyu with roasted salsify, wild fern, morel mushroom, and salted plum.


…and the last savory course “Sonoma Grains” with nettle puree, roasted bone marrow, and beef consomme.


To transition to the dessert, there was a very nice “Sheep’s Milk and Ginger Yogurt” with rhubarb, lemon balm, and vanilla.  Nice flavors, temperature, and textures.


This was followed by “Walnut Miso Ice Cream” with Hojicha Steam Cake and Nocino (Italian liquer).


The meal finished with some Wagashi which are Japanese confections.  They consisted of golden milk, date and kinako butter, rooibos, and burnt honey and blood orange.


Overall, service was very good but not flawless.  At this price point, and with 3 Michelin stars, it should be close to flawless.  Water was sometimes not refilled for a while.  The food and presentation were excellent.  Would I return?  Probably not.  This is more of an experience, and not something I would crave.  9.5/10

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