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Shobosho – What a Surprise

While dining at Kazuki’s in Melbourne, we mentioned to our server that we would be heading to Adelaide and she told us to check out Shobosho.

I was skeptical for two reasons: 1.  “fancy” Asian food is always hard to do well (think of a good bowl of Pho – cheap and perfect already that attempts to make an elevated version for $30+ usually disappoint) and 2.  we would be in Adelaide, a small city in Australia.

On Sunday, there were very few options available, so I made the reservation.  I’m glad we went.

Off the street, you will see this yakitori counter.  It would be convenient for a quick bite while walking by.  Notice the “fresh” board in the back.  Always a good sign.


We walked upstairs and were seated in the main dining room.  Here was the menu.


The whole menu, atmosphere and vibe reminded me of Momofuku.  The kitchen was open and I noticed more good signs.  For example, there was a spit which could be adjusted height wise which always reminds me of  Asador Etxebarri in Spain.  Notice the chickens roasting.


The server brought us some free salt, vinegar, and nori potato chips to start because he spilled wine on me.  They were good.


We started with blue crab salad and fried chicken skin.  Can you ever go wrong with fried chicken skin?


Next, katsu-sando.  These were pork patties.  This was my favorite dish.  The patties were very savory and moist.  I have learned that whenever there is anything sando on a menu, you should order it!


Next, we had to get something roasted over that spit.  We opted for the chicken.


followed by braised beef short rib…


The last savory dish was this Char siu pork fried rice.  Absolutely delicious. This was probably tied with the sando for my favorite. The pork is also roasted over the spit.


For dessert, we had the coconut sorbet and baked plum cheesecake.


Service was good. Sometimes the server disappeared and you would have to look for him.  Food was surprisingly good, given that we were eating “fancy” Asian food in Adelaide.  I would definitely return.  There are lots of things on the menu I want to try, including the yakitori (did not find out if the coal was actually binchotan from Japan), and whatever new creations they come up with.  8/10

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