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Kazuki’s – Reminds me of Japanese Chefs in Paris

We never knew about or intended to dine at Kazuki’s in Melbourne.  However, there was a mix up with one of our other reservations, and the place we were supposed to eat at recommended this place.  So we went.

Here are some pics of the dining room and menu.  We opted for the 5 course menu with some additional items.



The dining room was nice and modern while maintaining some old world charm and detail.  For example, look at the combination of this Japanese style lantern, with European type ceiling design.


The whole atmosphere, and menu, reminded me of the many fine restaurants in Paris run by Japanese chefs.  The service here was extremely friendly and good.  Our server Bonnie, was very knowledgeable about Sake and recommended some very unique flavors.

We started the meal with oysters which were not part of the tasting menu.


These were followed by an assortment of snacks.


My favorite was this:  Salmon Caviar, cod roe, nori:


I believe that they gave us a lot of extra dishes that were not on the menu.  For example, because they knew we were supposed to dine at a sushi restaurant, they prepared this raw fish course for us which was like a tataki/ceviche like dish.  Very thoughtful of the staff.


Next, some bread.


Next a dumpling preparation of “Moreton bay bug”.  I found this on the menu throughout Australia.  It is like a lobster/crayfish type crustacean.


The pork had a nice crispy skin:


The dessert:


Overall, the service was 10/10 and the range of spirits I tried made this a very enjoyable meal.  The food was good and nicely presented.  I would give the food 7.5/10.

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