Kabuto – Never Disappoints

I have been going to Kabuto almost every time I am in Vegas since it opened in May 2012, and every time I go, I get excited in anticipation of eating there.  To me, its the best sushi in the world, and always consistent.  On top of that, it represents probably the best value for any meal I have had (I was hesitant to say this because they may read this and raise the price, but they deserve it!).  The omakase nigiri is ONLY $48!  I have paid hundreds of $s for Michelin starred sushi that was not as good as Kabuto, in places like Japan, NYC etc etc.

This visit, January 14, 2019, was no different.

When you order Omakase, you are also given an a la carte menu that you can order additional pieces off.  The menu changes daily depending on what they have flown in.  Here was the menu from January 14, 2019:


The nigiri omakase always starts with a sweet sake they make, followed by an appetizer.  The appetizer was good, but that’s not what you are here for.  You are here for NIGIRI!


Next, the magic begins.  I find the nigiri here to have perfect rice, the perfect amount of wasabi, perfect seasoning when used, and perfect temperature.  Needless to say, the fish is delicious.  This is probably the place where I started to understand how wasabi can enhance the experience.

The first piece was hirame – fluke with a touch of lime.  Very delicate flavors and so good.  This was followed by Inada – Young Yellow tail.  Unfortunately, I did not take pics of the first two pieces.  Here are the subsequent pieces:

akami – lean blue fin
shiokko – baby amberjack
chu toro – medium fatty tuna
umimasu – ocean trout
aoyagi – orange clam
Tamago – egg – I believe this was a mistake as this should be served at the end of the meal before dessert.

At this point, the omakase was finished and you will be asked if you want to order a la carte before the provide you with a hand roll.  Of course, I had to.  Here are the other pieces I ordered.

Santa Barbara and Japanese Uni.  If you eat it like this, you will be able to taste the difference.  One has a stronger ocean taste than the other.  Both are good.
hagashi-otoro premium silky fatty tuna
jabara-toro – bellows belly and kamashita-toro marbled fatty tuna aged 6 days – one of my favorite
o toro – premium fatty tuna – there is nothing more beautiful than watching the chef cut a piece of o-toro from a shiny,  perfectly marbled piece of tuna! – another favorite
bontan-ebi – sweet shrimp – I would of liked to have the head fried and served
I don’t remember what this piece was

After the a la carte pieces, you are given a tuna hand roll.  This is one of my top five most delicious things.  The nori is so crispy and perfectly seasoned.  Everything works as a collective umami sensation.


After the hand roll you are given three choices for dessert.  I had the sesame panna cotta.


I will definitely go to Kabuto, every time I am in Vegas.  9.5/10.




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