Lambo through the Desert

As a surprise for my wife’s birthday on our most recent trip to Vegas, I booked a Lamborghini Huracan through Diplomat Exotic Rentals on their website.  The whole process was quick, painless, and their communication and customer service was a 10/10.

I then planned a drive through the Valley of Fire National Park.  It was about a 1 hour drive from Vegas each way, and we spent about 2 hours at the park.  You can drive through the park, park on the side when you want to see something, and never have to hike if you do not want to.  I think all the major things to see are on the side of the road.

The day started with the company dropping off the car at the Encore valet at 10AM like they said they would.  A gentleman was there, handed me the keys, scanned my license, explained some features of the car, and we were off.


The drive itself is pretty easy.  You take the I-15 North then exit 75 and follow the signs.   Once you are out of the city, you are in the desert and the view along the way is beautiful.


Once you arrive at the park, you pay an entrance fee, and then roam.  Enjoy some of the beautiful scenery and beautiful car pictures below.




When we were done, we headed back to Vegas and dropped the car off.  Again, painless process.  The car itself was obviously a blast to drive, but I was surprised that it could work as a daily driver too.  If you put it in the least aggressive mode, you sometimes forget you are driving a super car.  I will have to pick one up now!

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