Sparrow + Wolf

The first dish was this bowl which had uni at the bottom and was very delicious.  I could of had another one and was the best dish of the meal.


The second dish were oysters with wasabi butter and celery root.  The oysters were good, but I would not order them this way again.  I think oysters are best simple unless the garnish/sauce is adding a lot of value, but in this case, I did not think it did.


The third dish was scallop robata with a ceviche type sauce and red onions.  There was something too spicy in the dish which overpowered everything else.


Fourth was a hamachi carpaccio which was good and fresh.


Fifth was beef cheek and bone marrow dumplings.  These were also very good, and probably my second favorite dish of the night.


The last savory dish was a chicken thigh with a spreadable salami.  It was good but not outstanding.  I would not order it again.


The chef also sent out some bread with aged umami butter, we had dessert and some cocktails.  Overall, I would give this place 7.5/10, but their menu changes often and I feel like the menu is interesting enough that I would go back and try other things.  For example, if you Google the restaurant there is a picture of bone marrow with uni on top.  We wanted to try this but it wasn’t on the menu this time.

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