Jatak was ok, but lots of respect to the chef

Jatak is a one Michelin starred restaurant in Copenhagen. The reason I booked it? I was interested to see how well they would execute “strong Asian flavors…from top quality Danish ingredients”. The ingredients were top quality for sure. The “strong Asian flavors” not so much so. Also, they were a little heavy handed with the acidity on many dishes. Nothing was really mind blowing. However, this is an Asian-Canadian chef from Edmonton (not really known for its culinary scene) opening a restaurant in Denmark, and gaining a Michelin star, which is very commendable. We sat at the bar and was able to watch as the kitchen prepared the meals.

The menu for the evening:

…and the dishes…

…and the desserts…

Overall, service was pretty good, but the meal lacked strong umami you get from Asian cuisine. I would say that this is on trend with what I found in other places in Copenhagen where the ingredients were served with minimal transformation and/or had clean flavors but not much “wow” factor. I would not return.

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