Is this the best burger in Copenhagen?

Gasoline Grill is a hamburger restaurant with multiple locations in Copenhagen. My first meal in Denmark was here. I know, there are amazing places to eat in Denmark and why would I go to a hamburger joint?

  1. My hotel room wasn’t ready and Gasoline Grill was close by
  2. I am always curious to see how other countries interpret and execute food that is native to another country

The location I went to was in the Tivoli Gardens – a famous amusement park in the hear of Copenhagen (I was staying at Nimb, which is a great hotel and I will post about it in the future).

I ordered fries and a cheeseburger. One thing that was different is that they charge you for ketchup and mayo. Each were 10 Danish KR which is about $2; that’s pretty crazy (see portion seize below)!

After a few minutes our order was up.

Overall the burger was decent. My benchmark for “fast food” burgers is In-and-Out and Shake Shack. One thing that could be improved is the meat to bun ratio. Too much meat so with each bite, the balance was off. Good bun though and pretty good fries. Overall, I would not go out of my way to eat here again nor recommend it as a “must try”. I would want to try some of the other places that come up when you Google “best burger in Copenhagen”.

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