The best kebab I’ve ever had

When researching where to eat in Amman, I came across a highly regarded restaurant named Fakhreldin. The only problem was they specialized in Lebanese cuisine and I wanted Jordanian food. I would later learn that Lebanese cuisine is considered one of the best in the region. I would guess that it is heavily influenced by the French reverence for food. Anyway, the restaurant itself is very nice, and set in a gorgeous building.

Here is part of the menu.

Upon arrival, there were some fresh veggies on our table.

…and some fresh bread was brought shortly after. The pita in this part of the Middle East was not as fluffy as Israel, but it was still good. I also tried some Jordanian wine which was also surprisingly very good.

We started with some tabbouleh.

…and hummus Beirut style which differs from others because it has parsley, garlic and more lemon.

We also had kubbeh which was highly recommended to us by some bar staff at the hotel we were staying at. Its basically ground lamb in a crust with some pine nuts.

For our main, we had the best kabab I have ever had.

I was told by many people that this is what the restaurant was known for and it did not disappoint. The meat had a perfect grilled/smoked flavor (which I can actually taste as I write this) and was incredibly juicy. All the juice then dripped onto the bread below, which absorbed it for each bite. It was amazing!

Next dessert and Arabic coffee brought by this lovely gentleman.

Overall, service was good, the interior and exterior of the place was very nice and the food was extremely memorable. I would highly recommend this place if you are in Amman, and I would definitely return.

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  1. best kabab after visiting 56 countries? ok, that establishes Jordan as a must visit! I love kabab!!

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