Isla Palenque – Day 3 – Monkeys

I woke up on day 3 in Isla Palenque to another amazing breakfast. Today, there was a beef, and some sort of starch which I don’t recall the name of, recommended to me by our server. Apparently, it was local to the region and only served on special days.

After breakfast, we went on a kayak excursion to a nearby cave. To be honest, the excursion was a bit disappointing because the actual kayaking time was very short and I was looking forward to a workout! Also, the cave was not that interesting.

Our guide also showed us some tidepools and explained a little about the ecology of the island. When we retuned to the dock, he harvested some fresh oysters!

From here, we returned to the restaurant for lunch.

We ordered a lot because it was so delicious! After lunch, we went on a tour of the jungle to look for howler monkeys. We were very fortunate to find so many!

After the excursion we chilled on the beach and ordered some snacks and cocktails. I have to stress again how amazing the food at the resort was. Its probably the greatest highlight of the place if you are considering going.

Today would also be one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island of the entire stay.

As the sunset, we headed back to our casita and got cleaned up for dinner.

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