Even at a resort, the FOOD in Panama is amazing

When booking my trip to Panama, it was an impulsive idea and I didn’t know that the trip was over the Holy Week, and apparently, everything in Panama shuts down during this time so my idea was to get out of Panama City, see some beaches and jungle, and then explore the city at the end of the trip, after the Holy Week.

We drove about 2 hours from Panama City to the Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort. The resort itself is ok, the beach had a beautiful sunset.

However, what blew me away was the food. It continued to build on my discovery of Panamanian food and culture. Usually, food at resorts is terrible and overpriced, especially when its in a remote location and you are captive, however, the food at this resort was both “cheap” and amazing. Here is the dinner we had on the first night at the El Faro Beach Club (which is the restaurant at the beach of the resort); we started with ceviche and tuna; both good with fresh ingredients.

Then, roast chicken and some veggies.

…and finally, a tres leches cake and lava cake w/ blue cheese ice cream which they proudly made on site (they also had a curry ice cream). For the chef to make a blue cheese ice cream from scratch in a touristy resort in Panama was really impressive to me. The ice cream was delicious. The blue cheese was not overpowering and the taste was creamy and milky.

Overall, service was good and the food was outstanding. This is now 3/3 so far for meals in Panama. With each that that passed I was liking the country and food scene more and more!

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