Maltese Pastizzi – Quick, Fast and DELICIOUS!

A pastizz or pastizzi in plural, is a traditional pastry of Malta. The shell is like puff pastry and is filled with various savory things. If you do some research on traditional Maltese food, this one will be on most lists. You can find pastizzerias all over the island. One particular one I went to was near the hotel in St Julian, and was called Shawn’s Pastizzeria.

The have a store front on the sidewalk and display case where you order, and then there is outdoor seating for your to enjoy the meal.

We tried a few like ham & cheese (with caramelized onions), and chicken and mushroom and all were delicious. They also had ones with a cheese hot dog in the middle which was good also. We also tried their pizzas which I did not like as much. The crust was thick and the pizza was a bit greasy.

Overall, this is a great casual option for a quick, cheap lunch or snack. The pastizzi are delicious and I would go back at least once a week if I was in the area.

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