Go here instead of Din Tai Fung in Vegas

ShangHai taste is located in the Chinatown of Las Vegas. When you first walk in, you will see people making fresh XLBs, which is what you want to see in an XLB restaurant:

The XLB are pretty good, and full of soup. To me, the key factors that make a great XLB: thin skin, full of soup, delicious soup, and delicious filling.

Another winner were the pan fried version.

After a disappointing meal at Din Tai Fung (I will post about this shortly), its great to have yet another alternative for XLB in Vegas. What’s great about this place, is you can also make a reservation. The service is pretty good and the food was good. I would return. I will also post some other options in a later post.

1 thought on “Go here instead of Din Tai Fung in Vegas”

  1. agreed, din is over rated, thanks for providing a better option. like almost everything, fft is able to give good recc for cuisine that is overated and located on the strip. with shanghai taste located off strip, we also know that there is increased pressure to make a good product to lure people off the strip, thanks for taking a nose dive into vegas chinatown to seek out these great spots. I would not have risked it, but as you see, no risk no reward!

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