Chasing lobster rolls in Halifax

I did a lot of research on the best lobster roll in Halifax. The first place I tried turned out to be the best – Dave’s Lobster. This one was puzzling because the Google review was only 3.7. The location is conveniently located on the Halifax Waterfront.

We got the half half which is half local “cold lobster, mayo, celery herbs, and fresh chives”, and half “fancy” – warm lobster with butter, lemon, garlic, and fresh chives. I preferred the local, but what contributed to making this place the best one I had, was the bread. Toasted and buttered.

The next two places were mediocre. The first was The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse in downtown. This one was random. We were hungry after walking around the downtown core and decided to drop in. The bread was cold and the lobster was nothing special.

We also had the fish and chips which were ok, but the curry gravy needed more flavor.

The last place we went to was the highly rated Evans Fresh Seafoods. This is conveniently located next to the ferry terminal which you will take from downtown Halifax to Dartmouth (about 10 minutes).

The lobster roll here was disappointing. It was mixed with cabbage (or something similar) which detracted from the taste and the bread was not good either.

The fish and chips were also a huge disappointment. It was breaded instead of having a crisp and fluffy batter. I have never see fish and chips like this before.

The only good thing here was the chowder which was thin instead of thick.

Anyway, the best part of the trip to Evans was the ferry ride which has a spectacular view of the Halifax skyline and who doesn’t like being on the water? (by the way, if you ride the ferry, they only take cash and you need exact change)

Unfortunately, there were a lot of other places for lobster rolls I didnt get to try because I was in Halifax for an event. However, I would stick to Dave’s.

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