Dinner with an Awesome View

As we headed out to dinner on Day 3 in Turkey, we got to see the Galata Tower at night:

Tonight’s dinner would be at Mikla restaurant. I knew it had a great view, but I was not prepared for how great. After we arrived at the restaurant, which is located on the rooftop of the Marmara Hotel Pera, I was blown away by where we would be eventually seated. I should note that the front staff were extremely friendly.

The meal started with some amuse:

We also had some Turkish wine – Bordeaux Style.

For food, octopus to start:

…and for main….

To be honest, I wasn’t thinking about the food. I was completely distracted by the views.

I should note that Mikla is on the World’s 50 Best Discovery list. I do remember the food being good, and I was relieved because a lot of places will have restaurants in lookouts where the food is a secondary thought, or meant for tourists. I would highly recommend this place for the food, service and incredible INCREDIBLE views.

After dinner we headed to the upstairs bar and enjoyed some more spectacular views of Istanbul.

2 thoughts on “Dinner with an Awesome View”

  1. wow, views that don’t end. nice finding. night views of cityscape are majestic especially when most of the cityscape is old architecture, quite an engineering accomplishment given the typically low quality of electricity infrastructure in the ancient cities. your vids make the city look like it is radiant. would you say mostly tourists there, or turks? and overall, is it easy to visit, order food and get directions without knowing turkish language?

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