What I Should of Done the Day Before

Coming off a very disappointing Mexican meal at Cantina Frida, I was determined to have at least one good taco in L.A. How could I come to this city and not? I would never be able to forgive myself. Ironically, there was a more authentic experience right around the corner from Cantina Frida, which made the disappointing meal there all the more worse. Anyway, Guisados is a Mexican Restaurant with a couple of locations in the city, and they specialize in braised meat over fresh handmade tortillas. A benefit of this place is many of their locations open early, and serve breakfast tacos (but you can also get “normal” items too). The Beverly Hills location is a “hole in the wall” which is the way I want to eat Tacos. Note that there is a parking lot in front of the place, but you have to pay to park. The kind attendant let us park for half price as I mentioned we would be quick.

I ordered a tamale, bistek en salsa roja, and cochinital pibil.

Everything was extremely delicious and I was so happy to be eating this outside on a nice sunny morning. There are a ton of taco places in LA. I observed many taco stands set up on sidewalks and streets and these will definitely be a destination for a future trip. Staff at this location were friendly, and I would definitely go back.

2 thoughts on “What I Should of Done the Day Before”

  1. admiring your ability to self-report your folly, I offer that one of the dead giveaways is Frida serving your taco on a plate. at that point in the experience, you should have heeded that sign and walked away citing an abrupt COVID cough onset. your photo depicts the dead giveaway of hardcore, fresh and flavourful cuisine – paper plate, paper/wax paper, plastic utensils, sopas spilling out tempting you to lift the paper and funnel the sopas onto tongue…again, street beats fine dining…I hope you went to another street vendor afterwards to sample churros

    1. I do not believe it is so much fine dining vs street as mediocre vs the rest. Fine dining has its place as does street. What is intolerable is the middle. Those restaurants without a strong opinion on their cuisine.

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