Don’t eat here

Sticks n Sushi is a chain based in Copenhagen with locations in the UK as well. It gets high reviews which made me curious to try it. I knew it would not be traditional Japanese sushi, but fusion can be done well too; I also enjoy all kinds of sushi from “mom and pop utility sushi shops” to high end omakase. Unfortunately, my experience at this place was not great. We went to the Soho location and were seated at the bar. The place was busy and had a good buzz. The interior was modern.

The water had a piece of charcoal in it which was a nice touch.

Our first dish arrived promptly and was not bad – the hiramasa with truffle oil and ponzu.

Everything went downhill from here. We ordered robata (the sticks part of the restaurant’s name), but it never arrived. We waited 45 minutes after the first course and nothing arrived. Our server went to check twice and assured us it was coming in 2 minutes, 5 minutes etc, but nothing ever came out. We asked to cancel the order and left. No apology no explanation from the restaurant. Strange. Don’t eat here.

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