Ice Cream of the Gods?…and pie

Aside from fish and chips and curry, another classic British dish is the meat pie. This time we went to Battersea Pie in Covent Garden for the steak and stout pie. It looked incredible:

While the chunks of meat were tender and crust was flakey, I would of preferred a more buttery taste. Also, while the gravy looked incredible, both it, and the filling were not savory enough. Mildly savory but not over the top. I would not get this again.

After this we had ice cream at Hotel Chocolat. The ice cream is made with Jersey milk, and infused with cocoa nibs.

The texture was good with a slight crystalized texture but still smooth and creamy. Not too sweet with just the right hint of chocolate. The caramel on top added a nice amount of buttery sweetness. You have a choice of various toppings. I would recommend you asking for just a bit of topping so it doesnt overpower the ice cream. I did this the first time, but forgot the second time and it was not as enjoyable. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. Was it ice cream of the gods? Not really.

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