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If it’s good enough for The Queen….

Quaglino’s has been around in some form or another, on and off again, in London, since 1929. I came across it because I wanted to dine at a glamorous place with a party atmosphere. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth II dined here in 1956, and was the first time a reigning British monarch ate in public.

A couple of things attracted me to this restaurant:

  1. The nice stairs leading to the main dining room. You basically walk in and can see the entire dining area and bar in all its glory. Here is a view of the stairs from the bottom (excuse the random person dancing).

2. As you descend the stairs, the beautiful bar comes into view and you hear the music and buzz.

3. Live music and dancing

Now for the food. I would say that the food is not one of the reasons to come. We started with some caviar and had to ask for pearl spoons. Then we had the salmon wellington and the crust was falling apart as they were slicing it.

The food was ok, but nothing memorable. Overall, I would recommend this place if you wanted to have a fun night out with some entertainment and dancing, in an elegant setting. Try to request a table closer to the stage though, if you want to be in the middle of everything. We were sat far back from the stage.

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