Zoomak – Full of Flavor Korean Food

Zoomak is a Korean bistro/tavern that is taking authentic Korean food and putting a modern touch to it. It opened in October of 2020 and has been getting good reviews.

The restaurant interior is simple and modern. The vibe is casual.

We started with the tartare which was delicious. The gochujang provided a good balance of sweet, savory and little heat while the parm added lots of umami. The beef was fresh and served at a good temperature. My only feedback was that they gave way too few crostinis for the amount of beef they gave. I think 6 more crostinis would of been perfect.

Next came kimchi which changes daily according to the menu. I showed a Korean friend of mine and he was impressed stating that “not too many places offer this (type) of kimchi”.

The next dish, fried rice, was spectacular – bursting with taste. The flavors and textures worked well. Crunch from the radish, salt and smoke from the bacon, and umami from the pork floss. The dish they cooked this in was well seasoned and it reflected in the taste.

Lastly, the SSAM. This was my least favorite. The beef was cooked perfectly, but it did not have the flavor explosions of the other dishes. The main taste I got was fish sauce.

Overall, service was good, and the food packed with flavor. I would return to try some of the other dishes. Our server said she really liked the pancake so we will have to try on the next visit. Just skip the ssam.

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