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Papi Steak – Yes, It IS Good

Papi steak is part of Groot Hospitality. They are responsible for other venues like LIV and Komodo in Miami. The website describes the venue as “…Homage To Old World Miami & Hollywood Glamour with a Modern Twist“.

I think this is an accurate description. Prior to dining here, it was recommended by a few people I talked to, and I had been a couple times for drinks, but never to eat. For drinks, I liked the atmosphere but was hesitant to dine as I did not know if there was an equal attention paid to the food or if it would be an overpriced disappointing experience.

In the end, I’m glad I ate here too. To give you a idea of the scene, this is what happens every time someone orders an off the menu rare cut (the server explained to me but I forgot the details).

We started with some caviar served with latkes. They were delicious. To me, caviar and potatoes are a perfect pairing.

This was follow by wagyu pastrami. These are no gimmick. They are absolutely delicious and I think it is a must order item.

For main, we had ribeye and truffle corn. The corn was also heavenly and the steak was cooked perfectly, and well seasoned.

Overall, Papi steak serves really good food in a fun atmosphere. Service was good. I would definitely dine here again.

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  1. I love restaurants like that! Food that is carefully prepared and a busy ambiance. If the venue is too haute, the experience can be sterile, While ambiance overall is not as important as the food or service, if the food and service are good, then ambiance can make the whole experience exceptional

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