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Avra – Its OK but Milos is Tops in This Segment

Avra is a Greek restaurant with 3 locations – 2 in NYC and one in LA. I went to the one on Madison Ave for lunch. The interior is very elegant and the crowd well dressed. Just like Milos, they have fresh fish on display.

Also like Milos, they have a great deal on lunch – $31.50 for a 3 course prix fixe. I started with the daily soup which was a chicken soup. It was ok. As was the calamari.

For main, I had the fish of the day which if I recall correctly, was branzino.

…and baklava for dessert.

Overall, service was pretty good, and the food was ok, but it lacked that wow factor that Milos has. Given a choice, I would go to Milos every time.

1 thought on “Avra – Its OK but Milos is Tops in This Segment”

  1. That lunch deal is good but chicken soup at a greek restaurant? Even for lunch special that is some weak ass game right there

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