Golden Seafood – Outdoor Dim Sum?

Given the new restrictions on indoor dining in BC, one of the types of cuisines which will be impacted more are Chinese restaurants. Its not common to find one with a patio; so I was glad when a friend alerted me to Golden Seafood on Nanaimo Street. They have a nice big patio and serve dim sum outside – there’s a first for everything! Here is the menu:

The food was pretty good as was the service. From what I could tell, the dim sum was made in house. The siu mai and har gow were huge. Here is a pic of the siu mai with tuffle.

…and a few other items

I could taste a well seasoned wok in the noodles. The only thing I would not recommend are the XLB. Extremely thick skin and very little soup.

All in all this is a place I would return to, especially during indoor dining restrictions….eating dim sum outdoors on a nice sunny day is a great experience!

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