529 Wellington – Details Matter

529 Wellington is a steakhouse in Winnipeg. It is set in a mansion built in 1913, and has that very old school feeling that you want in a steakhouse, with a lot of wood paneling.

Aside from reading a menu, I look for details that indicate whether a restaurant is likely to be good or not. For example, napkins embroidered with the restaurants name are likely a sign that they pay attention to details and are willing to invest in your experience. In the case of 529, details were present. For example, the wall paper extended to the pipe as you will see in the photo below. Taking the time to put this kind of thought into a dining room hopefully translates into the same thought put into the food.

I started off with a Caesar salad because I like to compare to the one I make. This one said it would be made by the server, which I assumed to mean tableside, but this was not the case. It was still very good, with more attention to detail, like the chilled plate.

For steak, I had the 14oz Ribeye with Marrow sauce on the side. The steak was delicious. Tender, cooked to the right temp, well seasoned and overall delicious. The marrow sauce was disappointing. No marrow flavor.

I also ordered some fries on the side which were good. I wish they served mayo along with ketchup without having to ask (or just mayo! – do you prefer mayo or ketchup with your fries? Comment down below). My wife ordered the prime rib which she said was just ok. Her benchmark for prime rib is Lawry’s. You should probably stick to the steaks if you eat here.

For dessert, we had the warm maple pecan pie with Kahlua whipped cream and added a side of vanilla ice cream. I appreciate the fact that their ice cream is house made – more attention to detail and care.

Overall, service was good, and this is exactly the kind of meal I wanted and got. A good steak in an old school steakhouse setting.

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