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The Best Airline Meal Ever That Will Put Most Restaurants to Shame

OK, so this wasn’t exactly an airline meal, but it was one of the most unique and memorable aviation with a meal experiences that I can remember.

Wildebeest, which is a restaurant in Vancouver I highly recommend, but is unfortunately still not reopened due to COVID, teamed up with Harbour Air to give guests a scenic flight over downtown Vancouver, followed by a meal at the docks.

For those who don’t know, Harbour Air operates sea planes out of downtown Vancouver and fly locally within the province of B.C. This would be my first time in a seaplane. The views were incredible.

Upon return, I saw the chefs preparing the meals in the terminal.

…and guests were shown to their seats. Look at this gorgeous setting on the water, with downtown Vancouver in the background.

Here was the menu.

The wines were incredible. They were all interesting and unique. The pairings were perfect. This is probably only the third time I can remember a pairing being this good. The first dish was perfectly cooked steelhead.

Followed by a local Wagyu tartare.

As the evening progressed, the light changed and I got some good shots under different lighting.

The last savory dish was an absolutely delicious brisket. Good flavors and use of acidity. The sauce, tomatoes, gouda etc all created an extremely delicious bite each time.

For dessert, a clafoutis, which is a French dessert I was trying for the first time and absolutely loved. It reminded me of a Filipino Cassava Cake. I am definitely going to try to bake one in the near future.

This was an amazing evening. I can’t say enough good things about the flight, the food and the setting. I hope they put this event on again, and if they do, I highly recommend it. Hopefully, the restaurant will reopen too.

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