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Burrowing Owl Winery – Someone in the Kitchen is Thinking; Delicious Lunch with a View

The Burrowing Owl Winery is located in Oliver, B.C. We decided to head there for lunch prior to heading to Vernon. If you eat there, be sure to get a seat on the balcony with this view of the property:

We started with the burrata which was very fresh:

…and scallops with local corn and bacon tomato vinaigrette:

This was an absolutely delicious dish. Perfectly balanced. The scallops were cooked well, the local corn was sweet, umami from the bacon and the dressing to add acidity. I would of been happy with this all day.

For my main, I had the grilled cheese sandwich with mushroom soup.

What I loved about the sandwich was the blend of three cheeses and the zucchini relish. The relish, to me, showed that the kitchen cared about details. An easy way out would be to just add pickles. Taking the time to make a zucchini relish shows thought. The soup was good also, but I would of liked them to add some chunks of mushroom for texture. I like my mushroom soup chunky!

Overall, service was good, the view was incredible and the food was delicious. I would definitely return.

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