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Araxi – Not as Good as I Remember

In the past, when I thought of fine dining in Whistler, there was only one place that came to mind – Araxi. I was in Whistler for the Araxi long table dinner (which turned out to be lunch), and I will write about that experience in a separate post. We had dinner at Araxi the night before the event. Sadly, it was not as outstanding as I remember it being in the past.

We started with chilled lobster cocktail and sashimi. Both were underwhelming.

First the sashimi. The salmon was delicious, but everything else was mediocre. The toro lacked the fatty umami flavor one wants in a toro. The wasabi was not real. The lobster cocktail was overpriced given the portion size and was also unremarkable.

For mains we had the sable fish and halibut.


Both of these were good. The dashi in the sablefish broth had very deep flavors. The halibut was cooked well. We also had the parm and truffle fries on the side, which were satisfying and delicious. However, the fries could be more crisp.

For dessert, we had the ice cream bars.

The ice cream itself was ok, but the chocolate was not of high quality. It tasted like, and had the texture of, a mass produced milk chocolate. The caramels were good.

All in all, I would not return to Araxi. Later in this trip, we had dinner at Il Caminetto, also owned by Top Table, and this was much better, and would be my new choice for fine dining in Whistler. Service was decent at Araxi. Not overly outstanding but not bad either. 6.5/10

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