April 13, 2020 – Improving Data Continues

Data continues to improve.  New daily cases fell for the third day in a row, and fell 8.9% today.  The 5 AND 10 day moving average of the growth in daily new cases is now negative.


The U.S. also experienced similar results with daily new cases falling for a second day in a row.  The 5 day moving average is -1.5% and the 10 day MA is less than 1%.


Globally, the data also showed a drop in the # of daily new cases with the 10 and 5 day MAs also negative.


If this data continues, I believe that talk will continue to increase about re-opening the economy and shift will focus to pricing in the actual damage to the economy.  Interesting companies scheduled to report tomorrow:

Planet 13 (U.S. cannabis)

United Airlines

JP Morgan

Wells Fargo

Kona Grill (restaurants)

Johnson & Johnson

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