Seaside Provisions – Disappointing Brunch

Seaside Provisions is a new seafood restaurant located in North Vancouver.  I was excited about the menu, but ended up disappointed.

It started upon arrival for the brunch.  I had been emailing the restaurant a few days before to say that there would be 7 of us.  They confirmed a table would be available.  Upon arrival, the table was not set up so there was a wait.  If I was a new restaurant, and I got an email saying there would be 7 people coming, I would review this type of information with my staff the day of service, or I would train my front staff to review the reservation in the morning.  This way, they know who is coming in, the group sizes etc, AND make sure that the tables are ready.  We were probably the second or third group there that day so it was not busy at all.

The second issue was with our drinks order.  We ordered Champagne but the server brought Prosecco and did not know the difference.

We started with some oysters which were ok.  The sauces were not that great.


Then came the fried chicken sando.  Third disappointment of the day.  To me, a sando is this:


The pic on their website (or social media) also had something looking like the above.  What they served was this:


The next dish was the Iberico ham.  It was not a particularly good one.


The salmon tater tots were good, but they could of given a larger portion of ikura


The seafood tower which followed was pretty good, but overpriced compared to what was served.


The last thing we had was caviar.  Fourth disappointment.  They did not have the proper pearl spoons for serving.  Also, they did not provide traditional accompaniments like blinis.  Instead, they gave chips (which also pair well with caviar) and seaweed.  They also provided complimentary vodka.


The second order of caviar came in this helmet.  I would of rather they had the proper spoons.

We finished the meal with dessert.

20191225_140521 Overall, the service was pretty good except the mix up with the drinks.  Apparently the restaurant is affiliated with Hydra which I recently had a great experience at.  However, this place needs work.  I would not return.

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