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Dragon Phoenix – Chinese Bordeaux, Great Views, Good Food

On a recent stop over in Shanghai, I really wanted to try the top spots for Xiao Long Bao (XLB), but time did not permit, so I settled for the restaurant at the hotel I was staying at – Dragon Phoenix at the Fairmont Peace Hotel.  This was my first time in mainland China and will definitely have to come back.

The restaurant turned out to be an excellent choice.  First, there is this gorgeous view of Shanghai and a very nice dining room with excellent service:


I started with some Chinese red wine, another first for me.  It was a Bordeaux style blend and I thought it was very good.


Of course, we had the XLB to start.  The were filled with soup, the broth was delicious, the skin was not overly thin or thick, and the filling was pretty good.


Next we had some Dau Miu (snow pead shoots) which were delicious (you cannot really go wrong with this dish).


…and lastly, the dish that surprised me the most, noodles with truffle oil.  Now usually I would stay away from dishes containing truffle oil, but seeing this on the menu in China made me curious to try it and I’m glad I did.  It was the star of the night:

  1. The noodles were cooked perfectly al dente.  Eating this makes me think that Asians and Italians were separated at birth.
  2. The balance between the truffle flavor, salt and umami from the dried shrimp, and then the green onions made for a very delicious simple dish.  Just like a good pasta.


Overall, I was pleased with this meal.  The view, the service, the food, and the wine were a perfect first meal with limited time in Shanghai.  8/10

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