FuGaKyu – Late Night Relief

Arriving close to midnight in Boston, I was worried about where to grab a good meal.  I did a lot of research and talked to various locals, but ultimately settled on something I found on Opentable called FuGaKyu.  They are open until 1:30AM every night.  We went to their Brookline location.

Upon arrival, we were seated right away, and in fact, we appeared to be the only customers there.

They had a pretty large menu and also had “funny” rolls like Caterpillar Maki.  I started by ordering scallop (hotate), blue fin, unagi, and uni nigiri.  It was at this point I guess that the server realized I wanted more “traditional” Japanese food that she said “I will bring you the daily fresh sheet.  We have stuff flown in from Japan!”

Here was that, much more interesting menu.



The first round of nigiri arrived:


Considering the time, everything was decent.  The uni was pretty good as was the blue fin.  The rice portion and taste could use improvement.

Next, we had one of everything flown in from Japan.


This too was decent.   I was glad to be getting this type of food so late (or early in the morning depending how you look at it).  Then came the star of the evening, the unagi fried rice with Maine Uni.  This was delicious.  I took the leftovers to the hotel and ate it again, cold, the next day and was still delicious.


Overall, this is a place that tries to offer something for everyone.  They have the “good” stuff on a separate menu, and then more Westernized versions on another menu.  I can see why they do it, but ultimately, I think restaurants should choose to be one or the other.  Service was good.

This one is a hard place for me to rate.  If not for being open late, we would not of chose this place.


  • open until 1:30AM
  • have a daily fresh sheet
  • good service
  • fried rice was delicious


  • sushi was average – slightly above average (when it comes to food, I want the best or the worst; not somewhere in the middle)
  • prices a bit high for what it is

I think that if you are looking for somewhere to eat and everything else is closed, this would be a great choice.  However, if it is 9PM on a Saturday, this would not be my first choice.  7/10

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