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Senia – Second Best Cooked Fish I’ve Had This Year

Senia’s food “…is Regional American, a cultural intersection of the chefs and their experiences that always pay homage to Hawaii’s abundance of beautiful ingredients”.

They have a chef’s counter where they serve a tasting menu, but due to the dining time I selected, it was not available.  I would definitely come back to try it.


I started with a very delicious cocktail called “The Freddie”:  Bulleit Bourbon, chestnut, blood orange and smoke.  The ice was the blood orange, and the use of smoke was perfect to enhance the flavor of the drink:

The menu:


We started with poke and oysters.  Presentation was good.  Taste was good, but I still think Poke is best experienced at a “non-fancy” place:


For our second course, we had the bone marrow.  I believe they removed the bone marrow from its original bone, mixed it with onions, and put it back in a bone marrow shaped serving dish.  I assume they do this to lower food cost by being able to serve one bone marrow to two different customers.  I would of preferred they left it in its original form.  It was delicious however.



Next, pasta.  Good flavor but the pasta was overcooked and I thought that the oregano was overpowering.


The highlight of the meal was the triple smoked king salmon.  Perfectly cooked.  Great texture.  This is probably the second best cooked fish I’ve had this year after the fish I had at Alo.  The taste was well balanced with the some and then sweet from the maple butter glaze.  We couldn’t finish it and the server told us the texture would still be perfect in the morning.  I ate it cold for breakfast in the hotel, and he was right!


Overall, the service and the food were good.  I would return for the tasting menu.  8/10

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